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Hire a Matchmaker

Here are some of the reasons Northeast PA singles hire us.

  • A Personalized Approach to Matchmaking
  • Everyone is different! What you’re looking for in a partner is different than what everyone else is looking for. We understand that, and we tailor our approach around you.

  • Private and Confidential Matchmaking.
  • Your privacy is our priority! No online profiles – all of your information and photos are confidential and we do not disclose any identifying or contact information without your permission.

  • Only Relationship-Minded Singles!
  • Unlike with online dating sites & mobile dating apps, where you have no idea who you’re meeting, our matchmakers will only introduce you to quality & relationship-minded singles in a private way! .

  • No Blind Dates. You Control Who You Meet!
  • We’re good, but you still know yourself the best. We work hard to search for, screen, and interview matches for you before we present them to you, but ultimately YOU have the final say. We believe that blind dates are just recipes for disaster!


Think you might be ready to hire a matchmaker? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a consultation!